Tank Trouble 2: Short review

Tank Trouble 2 : Do you like to play games with Tanks!? Everyone loves tank games because they are so much fun to play with! Who doesn’t want to take control of an army tank and blast, shoot. blow up and destroy other tanks? Nobody doesn’t want to but everyone does as far as I’m concerned when it comes to the amazing, super popular and highly rated free online flash Tank Trouble 2 game.

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Little more about Tank Trouble 2

And these tanks are no normal tanks! They are armed with a myriad of weapons and artillery enough to destroy a small city such as lasers, frag bombs, death rays, cruise missiles, miniguns, homing missiles and booby traps which you can use to destroy your attacking enemy tank with!

How to play Tank Trouble 2 Game?

You start off in a maze with another opposing enemy tank and the main objective is to destroy the enemy tank using your weapons of advanced tank destruction at your disposal. At the same time you will have to use your wits and tactical espionage strategic tank control skills to survive the attacks from the enemy tank. You will have to move quick and make quick thinking actions to get the upper hand and destroy the tank before it destroys you. Watch out you don’t destroy yourself! Play Tank Trouble 1 Player mode against Laika or 2 Play or even 3 Player moder with your friends free online here on tanktroublex.com in your browser.
Tank Trouble 2 Game Tips

The game is very easy to get to grips with but for more information about it some bonuses will appear in the game and you can pick these bonuses up and some more helpful handy information will appear and you will also upgrade your fire power making it stronger for use one time in the game battle. You can destroy your enemies by bouncing projectiles off of the maze walls to bounce and hit them if you line up the perfect angle line of attack. There are many settings you can change in the preferences options panel.

Tank Controls 1 Player
Move tank: Cursor keys
Fire Weapon: M key

Tank Controls 2 Player
Move tank: E, S, D, F keys
Fire weapon: Q key
Tank Controls 2 Player
Move tank/Fire weapon: Use mouse